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  1. Hello I was hoping that you could answer a few question for me regarding Wario world. Is Wario World Korea based off of the US or the Japanese version? Also do you happen to know the date the game was released in Korea? Finally this one might be a bit much to ask so I understand if you say no to this, but could would it be possible to rip the iso and make the Korean versions you have in your possession available to others? If not that’s fine it’s not a big deal. Thank you for your time hope to hear back soon!

    1. I actually own the Korean version of Wario World CIB. The game itself is identical to the American version from what I could tell, it even read and used the save game I had on the memory card that was in the console when I played this version. I have backed up the ISO image onto my PC, and it works on Dolphin, but detects the region as NTST-U, even though when in my American GameCube it can’t read it so I have to use my Action Replay disc that includes a region free disc loading method, that worked. I will attempt to scan the manual eventually, just need to find a way to scan the manual without making the condition be worse. I think I can however scan the box itself, and the disc label. The case used is identical to that of the NTST-J releases, which I only own the Japanese version of Smash Bros Melee for comparison. The region printed on the game disc, and on the Korean console itself says it’s NTST-J. Korean GameCube games are so weird to me as there a mix of the American, and Japanese versions with just the manual, box text, ect not on the game from what I saw on other games like Mario Party 4 being in Korean.

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